The Company

Blue Collection Resorts, encompassing Tsilivi Beach Hotel, boutique Palazetto Suites and Altura Hotel, has been active on Zakynthos Island since 1979, evolving from a family business that made its mark on the magnificent island with its impeccable hospitality and professionalism. The evolution of the company has been continuous and uninterrupted, and today proposes three hotels that fulfil a variety of desires on every level and in the best possible manner.

Dionysios Kolpondinos had the initial vision, and with his wife Marika by his side created the first holiday resort: Tsilivi Beach Hotel, which initially had just 55 rooms. The continuous renovations and additions contributed to the creation of the most important hotel complex in Tsilivi, the liveliest side of the island. Years later, in 2000, their three children entered the business: Theodoros, Maria and Konstantina. The three of them took the reins, but to this day can count on the active support of their parents.

In 2009, Blue Collection Resorts established Palazetto Suites, the jewel in the crown of the group, which is characterised by the distinct aura that ensures it is the ideal destination for couples, offering privacy and understated luxury. Moreover, in 2015 the group added Altura Hotel to its assets, which is situated on a lovely hill in the centre of Tsilivi, effectively completing a set of amenities for every taste.

Impeccable hospitality and high quality are two non-negotiable principles adhered to by the family. The hands-on participation of Blue Collection Resorts, personalised services, consistency, awareness of the desires and requirements of guests are the goals set by the group. The soul of the family, Theodoros Kolpondinos, comes up with new ideas and oversees everything from architectural renewal to innovative amenities.

Maria Kolpondinou is always present for every need that arises at the front desk, reception and in Public Relations, while Konstantina Kolpondinou specialises in the quality of services and ISO Certifications. Their mother, Marika, oversees the staff and housekeeping in all three hotels and ensures that every corner shines as brightly as gold. All these activities are assisted by the founder of the group, Dionysios, who experiences the preservation of his dream: new infrastructure and services continue to enrich the hotels of Blue Collection Resorts, which have become reference points for impeccable hospitality and the perfect holiday.

The soul, the passion and the professionalism of the family maintain the foundations of the romance of the past, moving forward in a modern manner with the contemporary interventions demanded by the new era, thus offering a proud future in the hospitality business on the island of Zakynthos. They never forget that holidays are the most precious period in our lives and respectfully elevate them to a new, unforgettable level.